38 000$ for a plastic bag! August 29, 2017, 11:56 am

 August 28 in Kenya came into force a ban on the use of polyethylene bags. Violators for the use of plastic bags waiting for a fine-38 thousand US dollars, or imprisonment for a period of four years. And even travelers who come to the country with bags from Duti Free, will be obliged to leave them at the airport.

Recently, Kenya has sharply raised the issue of preserving the environment and recycling garbage, so, despite the fact that about 80 thousand people can lose their jobs due to the ban, the population basically supports the ban.

Kenya is already the fourth African country to ban polyethylene bags after South Africa, Rwanda and Eritrea.

It is worth recalling that in the environment, ejected packets persist for a long time and are not biodegradable. In the world, 4 TRILLION PACKS are used annually!

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