Newsprint paper

Expo Press 76
Expo Press 76
Stora Enso(Finland)
76-80 %
95 %
49 g/m2
In reels(ton)
not added

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Whiteness-СIE (%)
Opacity (%)
Weight (g/m2)

Newsprint is designed for newspapers printing, or similar printed matter. In the fiber composition of newsprint pulp dominates (at least 75%) without gluing (sizing), and sometimes with no fillers, excessive amounts of which can reduce its strength. Newsprint is rapidly aging (yellowing, becoming brittle.) Printing books on it is undesirable and should only be allowed when they are designed for one-time reading and short-term storage. Newsprint comes in rolls. Paper experiences in rotary machines considerable tensile forces, so the standard normalizes strength in the machine direction. But tears of roll paper can occur not only from a lack of strength, but also from a lack of elasticity, which decreases with decreasing humidity. So for newsprint increased humidity rate of around 8% is set, which also reduces its electrification and eliminates the associated difficulties.