• Interest samples "Nova Press"

    Samples of the coated paper brand "Nova Press", substance grammage 100, manufacturing concern "Stora Enso"(Finland), you can take in any office of our company, or to get by registered mail by notifying us address/

  • How fast is shipping?

    Products can be found on the day affer the order has been submitted, provided hat the signed contract.

  • Lutsk where buy your products?

    You can buy products at Lviv office or from our dealers/

  • How to get a discount?

    To get the discount you should fill out and submit a preliminary application on the desired volume.After receiving the reguest you will contact our sales representative with whom you can discuss all your questions.                         

  • Is calcite used in the process of paper decolorizing?

    Calcite (SaSOz) is one of the natural forms of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is widely used in the manufacture of plastics, paints, rubber and paper industry. The use of calcium carbonate as a filler and pigment in the manufacture of paper and cardboard can be possible only  when you fulfill the requirements of this type of raw materials, especially with regard to the properties and grading.

  • The Secretary went on vacation. Suppliers offered to buy good paper at a great price with delivery, and even gave respite. The colleague said it is not office but offset paper, and it is impossible to work on it. Is it true?

    The mass of paper seems to be 80 g/m2, the whiteness is high, and it does not matter that it was cut in Ukraine. The price is cheap, moreover you have got a respite! So why do you have to pay more? Let's see what are the results of using offset paper:

    • contamination of device with paper dust;
    • failure of internal nodes;
    • stuck of sheet of paper
    • unbalanced transfer of toner

    as a result - the purchase of a new copier.

    Choose the products of well-known manufacturers, because 40% of printer problems are connected with the quality of paper sheet.

  • I saw the icon “ColorLok” on the paper package. What does it mean?

    Paper technology “ColorLok” allows consumers to evaluate the benefits of printing in color. First, ink dries much faster, so the documents will be printed without smudging text. Second, black is more intense which gives high contrast for black and white image. Third, the absorption of colored ink into paper is prevented which makes the colors more vivid on the documents. The assortment of our company includes office paper produced by “International paper” and “Stora Enso”, companies that use technology “ColorLok”.

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