Sappi Europe to revise prices in early 2022. February 3, 2022, 1:29 pm

Sappi Europe has informed customers that the ongoing challenges of unprecedentedly high energy tariffs are forcing the company to revise product prices in early 2022.

According to the manufacturer, the continued rise in energy costs (on top of a significant increase in the prices of raw materials and logistics) has become a problem not only for Sappi, but for the entire industry. In order to keep production viable and maintain the entire supply chain, Sappi is forced to pass on additional costs to customers of its products.

 Prices will increase by 10-25% depending on the type of product. The increase will be implemented no later than the beginning of February 2022. These mark-ups will be added to the increases already announced and implemented in January. In parallel, Sappi will continue to analyze the viability of its assets. The manufacturer does not rule out stopping production if the situation so requires.

Sappi called "circumstances extremely difficult" and said the company "remains committed to effectively managing its business, supporting the industry and providing quality service to its customers."

Sappi calls on the European Union and the authorities to deal structurally with the unstable situation in the energy markets, as the future of European industry is now in jeopardy.

Source: www.

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