Greece imposed a tax on plastic bags January 2, 2018, 11:59 am

In Greece, from January 1, an environmental tax is introduced. Since that day, disposable plastic bags in supermarkets will be paid, for each package you will have to pay 4 euro cents.
As noted, from January 1, 2019, their price will rise to 9 euro cents.
This is one of the measures to limit the consumption of polyethylene bags as one of the main means of environmental pollution. Since the New Year the state will be encouraged to recycle and use reusable bags and bags.
"The plastic bag must get out of our habitual consumption. We are trying to change the behavior of consumers, so that they, as citizens, understand the environmental consequences, "said Environment Deputy Minister Socrates Famellos.
Plastic bags, bottles, cups have become the main environmental problem in the whole world - they decompose for decades and hundreds of years, cause irreparable harm to marine ecosystems and birds, pollute the seas, coasts, forests.
According to scientists, every year the world ocean receives from 4.8 to 12.7 million tons of plastic. According to environmentalists, the Mediterranean Sea is "drowning in plastic," a quarter of the fish in the Mediterranean can contain plastic debris. Half of the garbage in the sea in Greece is plastic bags.
The cost of collection from the bottom of the plastic bag is 10 times greater than its production.
Only 1% of plastic bags are recycled.
Disposable packages - "T-shirts" in Greece consume twice as much as the average in Europe, according to the materials of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
According to the EU study of 2010, annually in Greece with a population of about 11 million people used 242 packages per person. In 2015, according to the Institute for Retail Consumer Goods Research, in Greece there were already 363 packages per person compared to 175 on average for the EU.
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