Deficiency of cellulose March 29, 2018, 11:52 am

The main feature of the global pulp and paper market was a sharp rise in prices for pulp. The reason experts call several factors:

One of the main ones is its DEFICIT due to the fact that it is increasingly used not only in the production of paper and cardboard, but also for the production of viscose. And in recent years, in connection with the growing prosperity of the population of Africa and Latin America, in these and other regions, the demand for clothing, sanitary and other consumer products from higher quality raw materials is growing steadily.

The second reason for the price increase - the producers of paper and cardboard for printing, both European and Asian, synchronized production capacity with real market demand. In recent years, the demand for paper and cardboard in European markets has fallen or stagnated, prices have been going down. The natural goal of producers is to increase profitability by closing unprofitable industries, which provides reasonable opportunities for increasing prices.

Another important factor is that for China, for environmental reasons, the import of unsorted waste paper (secondary raw materials in the production of paper and paperboard) is prohibited. It can be replaced only with primary raw materials - cellulose. Including, for this reason, there is a DEFICIT, supplies from other countries are increasing, and the price is rising.

European and Asian manufacturers announced new price increases for coated paper and cardboard and other types of paper and printing cartons. According to RISI experts, the situation is uncertain, long-term. Obviously, an unpredictable price increase for imported paper and cardboard for printing is expected, at least in the medium term. This will inevitably lead to an increase in the cost of the final printed output in all consumer sectors.

On the materials:


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