Global manufacturers of paper November 6, 2015, 12:10 pm


The paper industry has a rich history and great importance in the life of mankind. In the world annually produces about 400 million. Tons of paper for various purposes.

German resource recently published a ranking of the world's largest bumagoproizvoditeley. In the ranking, compiled by German colleagues, are located on the volume of products.

It topped the rating of the US company International Paper, a manufacturer of paper and packaging from 250 productions worldwide and a turnover of about 29 billion. US dollars (2014). Output: 12.9 million. Tons per year, the number of employees 58,000 people.

On the second place of the Finnish-Swedish group Stora Enso, which has 35 factories. The annual turnover in 2014 amounted to 10.2 billion. Euro (2014). Production capacity: 11.7 per year, number of employees - 27,200 people.

Third place in the ranking is the Finnish company UPM, has production in 14 countries. Capacity: 10.2 million. Tons per year, the number of employees - 20,414 people.

Next in the ranking followed by the South African company Sappi (9,4 Mill. Tons per year, 16,000 employees); Swedish SCA (9,2 Mill. tons per year, 43 677 persons); Japanese Oji Paper (7,6 Mill. tons per year, 4318 persons); Japanese Nippon Paper Group (6,8 Mill. tons per year, 13,107 employees); Irish Smurfit Kappa (6,2 Mill. tons, 42,000 employees); Canadian Resolute Forest Products (5,8 Mill. tons per year, 7,700 people); China's Nine Dragons Paper Holdings (5,25 Mill. tons per year, 17,800 employees).

Source: SBO-PAPER.RU according Unipack.Ru

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