Paper - the best tool in the learning process in the USA September 1, 2016, 5:17 pm

A recent study showed that the paper is much loved and often used American tool in the learning process.     

In preparation for the second annual report, entitled "Paper and successful learning. Back to School ", were interviewed 4,300 American students, parents, students and teachers. The results show that, despite the dominance of gadgets, paper remains the leading means of training both in the classroom and beyond.

82% of college students reported that in preparation for the exam paper are always or very often (+ 7% compared to last year).

64% of teachers say that preschool and school children up to 12 years learn better information by reading it from a sheet.

The study also showed that 74% of teens believe the paper an important tool for homework, preparing for exams or presentations, they often make handwritten notes, or, for example, cards in preparation for the tests.

57% of parents say that their children better remember the material, if they write it on paper, it is 3% more than last year.

Dr. Daniel Oppenheimer, professor of marketing and psychology at the University of California, author of the study concluded: "Despite all the advantages of digital media, a growing body of research shows that for some educational purpose well, after all, fit an ordinary pen and paper." "Handwritten notes, for example, require a real inclusion of students in the process. Most student really thinks about the material, not just records, and this way of learning and working on new material is the most effective, "- he adds.

The report also notes that the paper is a kind of an additional means of communication between teacher and students. Most teachers (55%) believe that when checking, for example, homework, there is a feedback as possible to make notes and comments on the work performed. 35% claims that it also helps to establish and develop relationships.

A couple of interesting facts:

43% of parents (+ 5% compared to last year, but, unfortunately, not even every second) read the book to their children at night.
college teachers agree that in a class paper preferably a laptop, and 8 out of 10 (82%) can also be called the reason for the laptop generally can prohibit bring to class.


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