Promo! “ColorLok” is the step to dream September 1, 2008 - November 30, 2008




1. Organizers and partners of promo:

1.1 The organizers and partners of the promo are TG "Interpap», «International paper», chain shops "Foxtrot-Household".

2. Participation in the promo:

2.1   All buyers of formatted paper "Interpap" are invited to participate in the promo.

3. Period of promo and production which takes part in it

3.1   Period of the promo from 01/09/08 to 30/11/08. Promo summing-up and lottery will be on 12/30/08.

3.2    Products which take part in the promo:  paper «Ballet» for photocopiers.

4. Promo prizes

4.1 Discount cards of  "Foxtrot-Household" chain shops with nominal value 500,1000,1500 and 5000 UAH are played out in the promo.

4.2 The discount card entitles the holder to purchase goods in the shops "Foxtrot-Household" within 3 months of receipt.

5. Terms of promotion

5.1 Those customers, who bought “Ballet” products for photocopiers in the company TG "Interpap"  of not less than  10,000 UAH, can take part in the promo.

5.2 The payment is made by participants according to the conditions of the existing contract of sale.

5.3 The participant receives a promotional coupon that is filled with a sales representative LLC TG "Interpap" in any of company’s offices.

5.4 In a case of buying products of not less than 5000 USD, the participant receives an additional coupon.

5.5 Filled coupons are sent to the head office of the company and participate in the drawing of discount card of "Foxtrot-Household" chain shops.

6. Another

6.1 Cash equivalent of prize is not paid.

6.2 The names of companies and the winners’ photos will be published on the website, as well as in specialized office addition.

6.3 Competent commission created by the organizers is watching during the promo.

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