The winners of promo "Diploma with Master" December 7, 2012, 6:00 pm

The summing-up of promo “Diploma with Master” was held. The event was organized by: "Stora Enso" (Finland), "Interpap" (Ukraine), "Autograph" (Ukraine). The action was attended by students of higher educational institutions of Dnepropetrovsk, who bought a stack of paper “Magistr” in the period from 10/15/12 to 30/11/12 at chain stores "Karandash" and filled out the coupon of participant. Summing-up was held on 7/12/12 at the store "Karandash" (4 Gonchara St.). The winners are:

Buhansky S.V. (NMA, coupon number 11587), Volivach A.O. (NMA, coupon number 11585),Berestovoy A.V.(DNMU, coupon number 11748), Gnezdova D.R. (DNMU, coupon number 11747), Salamonenko I.V. (DNMU, coupon number 11742), Sereda A.I. (DNMU, coupon number 11881), Kornitsa V.A. (DNMU, coupon number 9000), Yeremenko I.N.(DSUIA, coupon number 8492), S. Kamenetsky S.V.(DNMU, coupon number 11669), Dedyura V.K. (DNMU, coupon number 11740).

Thank you all for your active participation and of course ..... Break a leg on the winter session!


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