The Contest “BUMIK’s Adventure” September 28, 2010, 1:20 pm

One autumn day Bumik* went for a walk with his friends: shy Brush, strict Pencil and funny Marker. Suddenly a strong wind arose and friends did not notice as they turned to come to Cartoonland…

We offered our friends, the best girls and boys from orphanage № 1, to finish this story.

For a week children have been drawing funny pictures, writing original poems and making the exciting stories about the adventures of Bumik and his friends. The result exceeded all our expectations. Every work, according to the opinion of authoritative jury, deserves special prize, but competition is competition ... And so, the winners were:

  • Golovchenko Anya
  • Beryoza Anya
  • Minin Kostya
  • Dmitriev Danya
  • Voloshin Sasha
  • Beryoza Dasha
  • Radchenko Katya
  • Kirpa Danya
  • Guzhva Miroslav

We congratulate the winners and thank all the guys from Orphanage № 1 for active participation in the contest!

*Bumik – sheet of paper

priklucheniya bumika

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