The code of paper samurai January 1, 2010, 3:30 pm

Development and adoption of corporate code is a matter of honor for every company that claims to have high reputation on the market. What is a corporate code? Let’s open the wise book on marketing and read:

"Corporate Code is a set of rules and regulations, describing those behaviors and common standards and joint activities that exist in the company."

We decided to move away from the rules and regulations and develop our own code. And so the "The Code of Paper Samurai".

Why samurai? Because the word comes from the verb “samurai” – to serve.

Why paper? Because we serve a great invention of mankind - paper.

Item 1: "Paper Samurai" behave to his company as to his home, if the "Paper Samurai" does not behave to his company properly, so he does not have home.

(Full version of the code was the basis of the corporate calendar for 2010).

kodeks samuraya

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