Ruslana Lotsman August 28, 2013, 10:09 am

  With the work we met  Ruslana in 2010. Then a gala evening in honor of the 14 anniversary of our company sounded "Song about Interpap" performed by employees of the Kiev office. Guys what is called "broke" all his masterpiece performance, as it turned out to be a screenwriter and author of the songsof Ruslana Lotsman.

  Through the yer we invited Ruslana to us on corporate and once again were amazed at not only the originality of ideas congratulations, but in a pleasant voice, a young Ukrainian singer.

  In 2012 Ruslana presented her fist album "Embrace Ukraine" and was for us a great creative talisman corporate events.

   This yer appeared on the release of the book "Three grain of love in the word".It is collection of works of the young singer,laureate of International contests and  talented and beautiful gils Lotsman Ruslana.

 They say that a talented person is talented in everything!  Good lusk to you Ruslana!

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