ZOOM packaging February 1, 2016, 4:47 pm

Lately, buyers are often asked about the date of manufacture of paper tm "ZOOM". Earlier this case, we have two standard response has been prepared:
- We recommend to print pack, make sure that there is a code, which is deciphered, and it is subject only to the wise cryptographer plant "Stora Enso's", you can get information about the date of production.
- Please refer to the ISO 9706 label, which is supposed to match the product to such a concept as archival storage for a long, long summer ...;
    Everything was fine, the answers were working like a Swiss watch, but today customers is not enough. Perhaps the economic and political situation of today impose definite imprint on the minds of the end user.
    Therefore, we turned to the papermaker "ZOOM" company "Stora Enso" with a request to reveal the secret meaning of the great Finnish digit combination, which is inside the "iZOOMitelnoy packaging."
    Remembering worldly wisdom, which says that it is better to see once ... there was an idea to share confidential information with our customers not only the words of the wise, but also clear the poster. We hope that this information will be useful to you !!!


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