Polyethylene - NO! January 31, 2018, 4:59 pm

Evening after work day. We go to the nearest supermarket, we dial products into the basket, go to the checkout, and patiently wait for the seller to say in a tired voice: "Do you need a package?" Of course you need! Neither for the same pocket hide: sugar, powder, potatoes, sour cream, beer and cream "Antoshka." It's a familiar picture, is not it?

Well, what the package will have to pay and tomorrow morning we'll say goodbye to him, leaving him near the garbage can, where he will advertise the local supermarket. Although, to be honest, not the best place for advertising.

Well, in the evening of the next day, although like yesterday bought everything, again I have to go to the store and buy coffee, which ended and oranges for the child and so every day, year after year ...
And we do not think about the scale of harm of this, at first glance, harmless product. After all, in our minds, the plastic bag remains accessible and moderately convenient for carrying anything.
Yes, disposable packages simplify our lives, but do they make it better and safer?

First, the package of synthetic polymers is not degraded under natural conditions, and carbon monoxide and harmful carcinogens are released during combustion. Packages decompose for 400 years.
Secondly, polyethylene pollutes the environment - the fourth part of the water surface is covered with floating debris. Clogging of the World Ocean - 15 million sq. Km
Thirdly, more than a million seabirds, whales, seals and turtles die from swallowing or tangling in plastic debris every year. Mortality of animals to 300 thousand per year.
Fourth, the packages contain a large number of harmful substances, among them lead, glue and paint, various bacteria, fungus and mold.

A package is convenient, but it's better when it's paper!

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