The partners are learned in crisis April 16, 2009, 1:15 am

Dear Partners!

Summing up the results of "ColorLok is the step to dreams" is held!

On 14.04.09 the drawing of gift certificates from "Foxtrot Home Appliances" chain stores between participants of promo “ColorLok is the step to dream” took place in the office of Ukrainian representative of the company «International paper» at Kiev, 12 Fedorova St. 16 certificates of par value 500, 1000.1500, 5000 UAH were played out.

The winners are:

500 UAH:. "Konica Minolta" (Kiev), "Leiko" (Kherson), "Papirus" (Lvov), "Dina L" (Lugansk), "Ukrvizit" (Kiev), "Mosya" (Chernigov), "Grinenko" (Kiev) "Som Plus" (Lvov);

1000 UAH.: "A4" (Kharkiv), "Bedzh" (Kiev), "Naumenko" (Kiev), "Musienko" "Naumenko" (Zaporozhye), "Musienko" (Kiev);

500 UAH "Lysenko" (Kirovograd) "Dudnik" (Dnepropetrovsk);

5000 UAH, the main prize, went to "Yushchenko O.A" from nice city Chernihov. (Please do not consider summarizing of promo as the start of the presidential campaign of 2009).

We congratulate the winners and also thank to all the companies that took part in the promo. Our team wishes you good luck and success in business!

We want to express special thank to paper manufacturer «Ballet», the promoter, the company «International paper» for the consistent high quality of production and financial assistance in conducting of this event. We would like to remind you our partners partners and organizers of promo, companies «International paper », TG" Interpap" and chain shops" Foxtrot household appliances ".

Paraphrasing the famous proverb:“Partners are learned in crisis”.

Partnyoru i bizness


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