Office paper "One" August 30, 2021, 3:19 pm

We present the office paper "One" by "Suzano" (Brazil).

Paper "One" is:

- A high whiteness value of 160 is a presentable look for your documents!

- 100% eucalyptus cellulose is a uniform structure of the paper web!

-Technology "Colorlook" is an innovative solution that dramatically improves print quality!

What is ColorLok?

-SATURATED BLACK COLOR. ColorLok technology ensures high contrast and sharp images in black and white printing because the ink does not penetrate too deep into the paper.

- QUICK DRY INK. With ColorLok technology, ink dries 2.5x faster, so documents will print without smudging.

- BRIGHT COLOURS. ColorLok technology prevents ink from absorbing into the paper, making document colors vibrant and clear.

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