O tempora! O mores! May 16, 2014, 4:21 pm

     Back in 2008 we conducted an advertising campaign " Unknown where you may need our paper? ". The main idea of the project - to show the use of substandard living conditions in the paper . Developed materials formed the basis of the layout of the calendar in 2009 , and also successfully been used to develop a new market for catalog printing . 
    Then we thought well, everything seems to be : and cat sleeping peacefully in a paper box , and an IOU signed in blood , and conservation closed paper sheet .... It would seem that where else can be useful our paper???

 And six years later, " inventive head" found the most " original " use of our paper, then of course , this " creative thought" could not have dreamed even in a nightmare.(Photo from www.korrespondent.net)

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