Written chapter XVIII June 16, 2014, 11:53 am

       Well, read the last page of Chapter XVIII of the book "Interpap-paper for life" I want to say, first of all, of course a huge thank you to our dear sponsors: customers, partners and employees. Everyone who helped us all these years meticulously write page after page. Without you, let's be honest, our book would not have been the best seller of stationery and paper market, and a thin pamphlet, printed on newsprint, so that would have remained unnoticed and patiently awaited his junk foot second knigorozhdenie.
  Great writer wisely said: "Brevity-sister of talent!" So we will not be spread on site page original book "Interpap" detailing each day we live and try to resume the last chapter. And so we, as we are "Interpap" and "Interpap" is:

 30 brands world's leading manufacturers of paper
  20% of the paper market in Ukraine

  2000 regular and beloved customers
   7 representative offices in Ukraine

   80 highly skilled employees


(to be continued)

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