Merry Easter fair April 22, 2011, 11:28 am

Children should have their own God. Nice, kind little God!

                                                                                                (Sasha, 8 years)

The Well of the clothespins, trees of beads, pictures of stones, hand-painted candlesticks - this and much more can be purchased today on "Merry Easter Fair" which takes place at the office of "Interpap" at 8 Mechnikova St., off.807. The idea of the event was born at a party with our friends from the orphanage № 1. We made a proposal to girls and boys to make original handicrafts, to give them price, in order our employees could buy them.

The children eagerly accepted the offer. The result exceeded our expectations! We have seen children’s handicrafts before, admired their originality, but did not think it could be a number of such different from each other handicrafts.

Our employees do not have time to haggle with young sellers. The wares seemed to disappear! In some minutes fair seemed to become an auction. That's what a team of true professionals mean: 15 minutes and the stand is empty. After all, the secret of successful selling is not a low price, but a unique offer!

We want to thank the guys for their wonderful crafts, as well as special thanks to teachers and guidance of Orphanage № 1 for their care for the youngest residents of our city, and of course, congratulations to all! Happy Easter! 

veselaya yarmarka

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