Corporate training September 23, 2013, 1:18 pm

        Study, study and study, said the leader of the world proletariat builders of communism. Years passed leader had departed, the construction of communism remained in the form of project documentation, and here is threefold wish to learn sure to be relevant in all times and under any power! 

       Employees of the sales Department of our company decided not to stay in their office chairs, and armed with a school notebook and corporate handle visited the training «Active sales» Alexander Sokolov. Of course many of our managers had huge experience in sales and each has a story to tell, but to learn, as they say, never too late. Work with objections, the theory of presentation and persuasion, the concept of work with the client-this and much more in an exciting and accessible manner was stated at the training. Fix the received knowledge participants would kind, portraying «упертого vessel», «назойлевого seller» or «harmful buyer».

       Many thanks to the company «Результатор» ( Kiev) for the professional approach to the organization of the training and to wish good luck and successes in business Alexander Sokolov, for conducting the training program on  high level.



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