It is written about us December 22, 2010, 12:00 pm

What activities are you proud of this year?

Certainly, it is friendship with girls and boys from the orphanage № 1 of Dnepropetrovsk. We would like to mention the social project "Clean sheet". According to terms, from 01/11/10 to 30/01/10 we sent 1 UAH from every sold pack of paper ”COMPASS” to orphanage. It was the first time we made the event of such size. Thank our partners, customers, and also all those who did not remain indifferent and supported our initiative.

In general, 150 companies took part in this campaign. The amount of material assistance was 20,385 UAH. At will of orphanage’s management this money was used to buy home appliances and sports equipment for young athletes.

What does diploma "The best of 2010" means for you?

We are very pleased that our social project and motivational projects have received such a high praise from the experts of edition Print News. It is an honor for every company to have diploma with the sign "The best of ...".

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