It is said about us December 16, 2010, 11:00 am

IC "INGO Ukraine" insured the property of TG "Interpap"(Dnepropetrovsk) for 15 million UAH. IC “INGO Ukraine” informed about it. The filial agency of "INGO Ukraine" in Dnepropetrovsk and TG LLC "Interpap" company, whose principal activity is the distribution of high-quality paper products, have entered into contracts of voluntary property insurance. Insurance company is committed to offset the costs associated with the insured event due to fire, smoke damage, lightning, gas explosion, natural disasters, falling of piloted objects, terrorism, burglary, theft, water damage, glass breakage, and unlawful actions of third parties.

IC "INGO Ukraine" is a private joint stock company established in 1994 and specializes in risk insurance. 99.99% of IC shares are owned by the Close Joint Stock Company "Invest-Policy” (Russia).

(“Ukrayinski Novyny” Yana Tomchek 06\12\2010)

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