Interesting presentation September 22, 2009, 12:00 am

If you still believe, that the paper produced by our company can be used only for high-quality printing, then you should check our new catalog of polygraphic papers "It’s unknown where you will need our paper".

On the 22 of September at the "Premier Palace" were given with interesting recommendations according to use of our products.

The representatives of leading paper manufactures (Stora Enso, Torraspapel, Arctic Paper)kindly assisted us with presentation of newly-made “Deskbook of polygraphist”.  For many years, these concerns are cooperating with our company, and just their products are the main in presented catalog.

For sure, both new catalog and pleasant atmosphere were created for our customers.

(according to the magazine "Director Tipografii" 10/2009

interesnoe predstavlenie


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