Happy New Year! January 1, 2012, 12:00 pm

Dear customers, partners and visitors of our site!

May 2012 will be for you a year of prosperity, financial stability, surprises, new success and victories. Please accept our best wishes for health, happiness and prosperity!

The Dragon lived in fairy tales!
He was the worst of all the males!

That villain captured beauties all the time
But he was punished by each crime.

Once he said with tears:
“I’m poor! I’m sad!

I don’t want to live like that!”
So, all belongings made a list

He packed and hurried to the East.
And there a crown was put on the evil’s head,

So, the Dragon lived with great respect.
But now once in twelve years

The Dragon buys a ticket in first class
To spend one year with us!

Happy New Year!

s novum 2012 godom


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