Graduation on the Planet of Good August 30, 2011, 12:00 am

The Day of Knowledge, the first call, the excitement before a meeting with the teachers, white ribbons and many flowers…

In anticipation of this wonderful holiday, we were invited to visit friends in the orphanage № 1 "Planet of good." The guys have a long tradition at the end of August. They help to collect portfolios for future first-graders, and also accompany their students to float freely in the ocean of adulthood. The guys always celebrate this day making concert with cheerful songs, hot dances, original poems, and of course the sweets.

Congratulations to the graduates with the event! Let their lives will always be a place of wisdom and knowledge that will help to cope with any troubles of this life!

On behalf of the management of our company and the orphanage № 1 of Dnepropetrovsk we want to express our gratitude to the representation of "International paper" in Ukraine in the face of Melnychuk Lyudmila for the material assistance provided to graduates of "Planet of good."

planeta dobra

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