Enjoy September in Yalta! September 23, 2011, 10:15 am

Three happy days I had... these are the words of another song, but that's what I wanted to say after attending one event. Our customer, the company "Ukropttorg" (Odessa), offered its clients to buy stationery paper products for $150 000.00 from 01/06/11 to 08/31/11, and as a reward to spend “three velvet days" in September Yalta. Stationary companies of Odessa region reacted with interest to the proposal with the romantic name of "Enjoy September in Yalta."

On the 16 of September the representatives from 50 companies arrived to the Southern Coast of the Crimea. The conference summed up the summer season 2011. Participants were given the opportunity to discuss issues of concern with the representatives of importers, who sponsored the project.

There is time to work and 3 days of fun!...  Beautiful park of guesthouse "Aivazovsky", tasting room of Massandra plant, a water tour of Balaklava, swimming with dolphins in the open sea and of course the beauty of Ai-Petri didn’t live anyone indifferent, even the most discerning customers. And we were there, drinking honey-beer. 

We want to thank creative team of "Ukropttorg" for the perfectly organized event and wish the guys creative inspiration! 

yalta 2011



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