Brightness and Whiteness June 12, 2020, 10:41 am

                                                                             Your paper has a whiteness of 95, and I buy with a whiteness of 145.
                                                                                                                   The supplier said his paper is whiter and better.
                                                                                                                                                   (from dialogue with the buyer)

    It was unexpected to hear from the buyer that our office paper with a whiteness index of 150 loses the competitor's products in the WHITENESS  category!!!!
We will not say what brand, who the supplier is and what he meant by the expression “my paper is whiter and better”, let's deal with the terminology WHITENESS  AND BRIGHTNESS.
As an example, consider the technical specifications of Magistr Extra office paper produced by Stora Enso (Finland) with WHITENESS 150 and BRIGHTNESS 95

WHITENESS  (CIE Whiteness D65)
What is whiteness? The proximity of the paper sheet to the reference sample. To measure the deviation of the paper from this "perfect white" use special instruments. Measured in CIE. It is the value of CIE that allows us to assess the degree of whiteness of paper that contains optically bleaching substances. Office paper whiteness “Magistr Extra” 150.

BRIGHTNESS (Brightness ISO,%)
What is brightness? Amount of light reflected from a paper sheet. Usually brightness determines the reflectivity of paper without taking into account optically bleaching substances. Measured in ISO. “Magistr Extra” paper brightness 95.

WHITENESS    > 140  CIE     taking into account optically whitening substances

BRIGHTNESS   <100  ISO        excluding optical whitening agents

And yet, our advice is, if you are offered office paper, ask the seller for a quality certificate, since the specifications on the packaging are not indicated.

Good luck with your sales!






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