Calendar 2012 December 1, 2011, 10:35 am

Once Ukrainian Cossacks lived on earth! They walk out in the fields to sip steppe air and fight with Poles and Tatars. Once, tired of swords waving and vodka drinking after the fights, Cossacks decided to write an angry letter. They went to Yankel’s shop to buy paper for writing but the paper turned to be overseas! It’s useless for Cossacks to write on the overseas paper so they decided to make paper by themselves.

Fantasy ... of course! Or maybe not?  The creative team of the company thought and decided to take 12 plots about making paper from straw on the base of calendar. We want to thank the talented Dnepropetrovsk artist Victoria Bareneko and creative design team IRED STUDIO for their active participation in the project “How Cossacks made paper ".

2012 promotional products can be ordered in any of the agencies of our company.

kalendar 2012


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