Ballet Competition in Children's Eyes September 24, 2008, 1:15 am

What associations with the brand do customers have? The answer to this question does not allow advertisers sleep well. The global marketing gurus tried to answer this question. Our company has also decided not to stand aside and appealed directly to the end consumers with a question: "What is the «Ballet »?”. «It is better we draw" – children from the kindergarten “Zvonochek” (Dneprodzerzhynsk) answered in chorus. The guys gladly agreed to help us and gave his remarkable pictures.

Праздник глазами детей

All participants received gifts from the trade mark «Ballet» and sweets! We thank the kindergarten "Zvonochek", caregivers  Inna Vladimirovna and Valentina Ivanovna, parents who, despite busyness  helped in creating masterpieces for her children, and of course THANK YOU our little artists!

« Here's the first winner!
Happy Holiday! »