“Ballet” brand with ColorLok technology July 1, 2008, 1:10 am

Бренд Баллет

“International Paper” company introduced ColorLok technology for the production of the office paper “Ballet”. This technology reduces drying time after printing, greatly improving the quality of color reproduction. Paper with ColorLok technology is suitable for everyday printing and laser printing. But during the use of inkjet printing,   it gets several additional advantages: Fast drying (the ink dries 2.5 times faster, which reduces the probability of smearing), High Contrast of Black (while printing it is possible to achieve a better black, which increases the brightness and contrast of documents), Bright colors (the color is 25% brighter, the pattern is more saturated, the absorption of colored ink into the paper is prevented, which makes colors on documents bright and clear).

Ballet + ColorLok = Consumers will be satisfied!

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