What is your paper class? July 1, 2020, 3:18 pm

Often, our customers ask questions about paper grade. We explain that in Europe office paper is not divided into classes, but classified according to the main technical indicators.

Suppose the company “Stora Enso” (Finland) produces three types of office paper with a whiteness index of 150, 161, 168. The division into classes or grades A, B and C is used by Russian manufacturers.
How correct is it to divide all paper products into classes? Let's look at an example of a straightforward task.

Russian-made paper has a whiteness of 146,
Opacity 91%. The manufacturer classifies the products as class “C”. Class B paper is again Russian-made and has a whiteness of 153 and an opacity of 92%.

What class does Stora Enso office paper (Finland) belong to with a brightness value of 150 and an opacity of 92

Whiteness: 146 (class C) <150 (Stora Enso) <153 (class B)
Opacity:        91 (сlass C) <92 (Stora Enso) = 92 (сlass B)

Answer: this paper in terms of whiteness and opacity is more consistent with class “B” than “C”.

Conclusion: Since there is no single approved standard that gives the right to classify this or that paper into a certain class, it is possible to correctly classify papers according to technical indicators.














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