6 secrets of your health! February 21, 2018, 11:59 am

     The omnipresent polyethylene has firmly entered our life and made it much easier, but we understand how harmful and dangerous it is to health. The harm of polyethylene is not said openly, but it still exists. Any plastic bags pose a danger to humans.

If you keep the products in packages, they spoil much faster. The process of decay accelerates and as a result there is a possibility of poisoning.

At low temperatures, polyethylene releases harmful toxins, so it is not recommended to keep food in the refrigerator in bags. At high levels formaldehyde is released, which can lead to serious illnesses.

Knowing the harm and health hazards that polyethylene bags carry in you can try to partially protect yourself from their harmful effects by observing simple tips:

1. When buying packages for home use, be sure to look for the inscription "for food".

2. Wrap the sausage and cheese in parchment paper.

3. Store bread without a plastic bag in the breadbox.

4. Cottage cheese and sauerkraut store in glass or enameled containers.

5. Store vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator without packages in special containers.

6. Never reheat food in the microwave oven without removing it from the package.

And most importantly remember: Our health is in our bags!

Give preference to paper bags!


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