13 magic numbers October 24, 2014, 11:32 am

 All have long been accustomed to seeing on the product packaging barcode, but many still do not know what it means. Barcode-type computer notation, where a combination of strips of different thicknesses and with different spacing corresponds to a certain number. A bar code is a graphic representation of the international commodity numbers EAN / UCC-13 in the form suitable for automatic reading. Issues these globally - unique 13-digit codes international organization GS1.

There are several myths about the barcode: 

FABLE 1 of the first three digits of a barcode can identify the country of origin.  

In fact, these figures indicate only on National Organization GS1, where the owner of the company brand. (In our case, GS1 Ukraine).

FABLE 2 bar code on the package may be only the manufacturer of the goods.  

But it is not. In accordance with the rules of priority right GS1 bar coding production belongs to the owner of trade mark (brand owner "MAGISTR" - OOO TG "Interpap", Ukraine).  

FABLE 3 barcode have hidden information about the quality of goods.    

Bar code - it's just a unique number by which the producer in the electronic catalog you can find information on the above products. (Manufacturer of paper "MAGISTR" concern "Stora Enso", Finland). 


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