10 years together October 17, 2013, 10:18 am

      This year the Association "УкрПапір" celebrates 10 years of work on the domestic market of cardboard and paper products. Our company congratulates the management and all the participants and with this beautiful date. A wish to: course longevity Association, patience and optimism management and good business to all participants!

      And all began in 2003, when major companies of the branch and the leading traders working on the paper market of Ukraine, organized the Association of Ukrainian enterprises of pulp and paper industry "УкрПапір", defining the main directions of activity development and implementation of complex state programmes of development of the paper industry for the period till 2020.

      Protecting the legitimate interests of the branch enterprises of the Association takes an active part in the development of legislative documents, cooperating with state legislative and Executive bodies.

       Today "УкрПапір" unites 36 enterprises, which operate successfully in the market of paper products 


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