10 interesting facts about paper March 1, 2011, 4:00 pm

Paper is such a common object, which we pay little attention to. We perceive it as something ordinary, because we use it every day, write on it, use paper bags, read newspapers (printed on the paper), we get paper flyers, etc.; paper is present always and everywhere, but we do not even know some interesting facts about it.

Did you know, that:

1. The leading countries in the production of paper are the leading consumers of it at the same time.  The U.S.is on the 1st place, China is the 2nd, the 3rd is Japan.

2. There are over 400 types of paper.

3. Over the past 20 years, global consumption of paper has increased from 92 to 208 million tons per year; an increase is 126%. The advent of computers and various electronic documentary systems and other modern technologies did not changed it

4. The manufacture of paper is a complex process which consists of eight different manufacturing operations.

5. It turns out that the energetic value of the paper is the same as the potato.  It contains 85% of cellulose, a complex carbohydrate, and glucose. It means that paper can be eaten.

6. The sheet of paper is as thin as a razor blade, 100 micro mm in total, so you can easily cut yourself with paper.

7. To manufacture one ton of paper you need 5.6 m3 of wood. Considering that the average volume of one timber (wood) -0.33 m3, to produce 1 ton of paper you need 17 trees.

8. The average American uses about 300 kg of paper per year, European is about 75 kg of paper, and the average African uses less than 1 kilogram of paper. Russian looks more modest than European, but at the same time more wasteful than African. Average Russian uses 25 tons of paper per year.

9. Simple paper of medium size and density, which is used in most offices, can be folded 7 times, no more. Only one American schoolgirl managed to make it 12 times! Until now nobody has been able to repeat that record.

10.  About 350 million tons of paper are produced a year all over the world.

(according to materials from www.novostimira.ru)

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