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To date , the cases when customers abuse the trust of partners , suppliers and do not fulfill their contractual obligations. Thus, the gross non-compliance with the conditions provided by commercial lending by some customers has led to the fact that the Company has formed a certain list of non-payers .

Therefore, we decided to publish on our website a list of debtors and called it " hard-core list of debtors ." If specified in the list of debtors , you " know " and your debtor , please let us know . You can also apply for placement in the "List of malicious debtors " of your debtor.

To submit information , please fill in the application form, which provide information about the applicant and the debtor , and attach proof of the debt ( a copy of the judgment) .

Update your information in the "List of worst debtors " is in the current mode .

We hope that through measures such unscrupulous companies will begin to value their reputation and contractual conditions will be complied with to the fullest!

Appendix: "Application"

Applicant Information :

full name, EDRPOU

Information about debtor*:

Attach scanned copies of documents confirming the debt (the judgment):